simple makeup must haves

simple makeup must haves

I never realized how hard it would be to take a shower, get dressed, even brush my teeth and hair with a newborn, much less put on makeup, but it is!  I have to say though in these first few weeks with baby Smith it is so necessary to get ready and put on a little makeup for your own piece of mind.  You might not feel back to your best self yet, and you’ll definitely be sleep deprived, but putting on some bronzer, concealer and mascara goes a long way to making yourself feel just a bit more normal and pretty!  And don’t forget to treat yourself to some great skincare products to help with the dry and sleep-deprived skin!

Here are a few skin and makeup must-haves I cannot live without right now:  Skin Laundry Eye Cream // Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream //  Hourglass Ambient Bronzer // Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Concealer // Bare Minerals Ready Foundation // Hourglass Brown Arch Pencil // MAC Extended Play Mascara // La Mer Lip Balm

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