There is no type of love like a mother’s love and that was made apparent the minute baby Smith was born!

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From the moment the baby comes out of your stomach you now have to protect them from the big scary world and they are solely reliant on their parents to take care of them.  Anxiety and worry starts to set in as you leave the hospital because you aren’t quite sure what to do or what is normal.  Every little sound they make has you jumping to their side, especially at night.  One gift I got before the baby was born is this new product called Owlet Baby Care.  It’s basically a little monitor that fits on the baby’s foot that will monitor their heart rate and breathing as they sleep.  In the hospital I found myself waking at every noise and checking on the baby constantly, but once I was home and put the little Owlet smart sock on Smith, I was able to sleep a bit easier, that is when I am not waking up to feed him!  This tiny little monitor provides the peace of mind you need when the baby is sleeping that he is doing just fine.  The sock can be worn in the onesie, on it’s own or under another sock.  Once you set up the the app on your phone, you put the base on your nightstand and you will be alerted with an alarm if the monitor detects any abnormal breathing or heat rate.  The sock comes in three sizes too so that you can use the monitor even as the baby grows.  The technology today for all of the baby stuff is just amazing!  You can shop it HERE.

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday week and New Year!  I am excited to be more in a routine with Mr. Smith and loving watching him grow.  I cannot believe he will be a month old this Thursday!  New posts to come soon with the updates and other must-have baby products this week.  We are also shooting some professional photos tomorrow with Smith so I cannot wait to see how they turn out.  Plus, I am going to my first event this week since the baby has been born so make sure you are following along on Instagram and Snapchat: @thestyleeditrix.  Have a great Monday!


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