On Camera Host + Style Expert

on camera host

As a Los Angeles On Camera Host, Style Expert and Stylist, Ashley Fultz has been featured on E! News, Access Live, Extra TV, OK! TV, KTLA, KCal9, Yahoo.com, AOL.com and many more outlets as talent for Satellite Media Tours.  Ashley has the perfect background to be the best On-Camera Host and Style Expert – from a journalism degree, doing celebrity reporting, red carpet interviews and breaking news to excelling in her role as the Fashion & Lifestyle Producer at E! News, and now running her own fashion and lifestyle blog – this girl can do it all!  Ashley loves sharing trends, giving tips and tricks and advice on fashion, beauty, and home decor, plus talking about motherhood, politics and current events.  Ashley loves connecting with other women and moms around the world and her role as an On Camera Host and Style Expert makes that possible.

Ashley dreams of being a host on a talk show, morning show or entertainment news show. Email me: ashley@thestyleditrix.com

Watch her TV Host + Style Expert reel below: