travel tips for flying with baby

We recently traveled for the first time with Smith and it went pretty good, not perfect, but we did get a lot of good advice before we flew.  I thought I should share some of the best tips for any new moms and dads!  We were super scared to fly with him, but it was totally worth it and a fun adventure.  Let me know if any of you experienced mamas have anything else you can share.  I heard more tips as they get older so I am sure I’ll have to update this in the next year.  Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Feed on the way up and down – baby’s ears can get clogged just like ours can and since they don’t know how to pop them and might get uncomfortable, try to prevent it.  Feeding when you are actually taking off and descending can help prevent it. If they are already sleeping try to get them to at least suck on a passi.
  2. Pack enough formula and diapers in your carry-ons for 24 hours.  We have heard stories of being stuck on the tarmac for hours, flights delayed, re-routed, and bags lost!  Just play it safe and packs the extras.  Plus, airports allow you take carry on breastmilk, pre-made bottles and baby food.  Make sure to buy bottled water if you have formula AFTER you go through security and don’t rely on plane water.  I have heard a lot of weird stories about plane water and sometimes flight attendants are slow to bring it to you anyway.
  3. Bring on the car seat in case there is an extra seat available on your flight – so even if you don’t buy a seat for the babe, we didn’t, call the airline within 24 hours before the flight or ask even at the airport if there is an extra seat available or two seats next to each other (we would have needed 3 since my husband and I traveled together).  Many reasons to want their car seat on board in their own seat: it’s a million times safer, babies sleep so much better in their car seats than they will on you and YOU will be so much more comfortable – I promise!  If you can afford a ticket for the babe – do it!!  Plus, if you can’t get a seat you can just gate check the car seat instead of checking it in regularly so it’s better for the car seat.  Because otherwise you never really know how much it is getting thrown around, etc. and could get damaged. (P.S. buy this stroller gate check case and car seat travel case if you do check them in so they don’t get dirty!)
  4. Change diapers in the airport or in your plane seat, if possible – there are usually a VERY small changing tables in the bathroom on the plane, but it is so scary.  I kept thinking if there is one bit of turbulence he is going down and so am I.  We actually didn’t have a third person in our row and just changed him in the seat on one of our flights and it was so much better.  My husband went to the bathroom and I played the baby in his seat.  It was perfect, but I guess if it was a poopy diaper things would be different.  Try to catch it at the airport and do it in the nice big bathrooms there if you can for a much easier change!
  5. Inflatable travel pillow – if you don’t get a seat for the baby your arms and body will thank you so much for buying the boppy pillow to rest your babe on.  Your already tense enough on the flight

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