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Like many of my friends, I had braces all throughout middle school and a bit of high school and unfortunately I stopped wearing my retainers in college so here we are years later and I am left with crooked teeth again! I have been wanting to fix my smile for a while (since I have to stare at it so much on TV and in my photos), but who has the time to go back and forth to the orthodontist – I really don’t as a mom and a business owner. Especially when the traffic in LA is so unpredictable and it could be a two hour round trip to get to appointments. But when I heard about Candid, an online company that sends clear aligners to your doorstep without any office visits and less than the cost of going to an orthodontist, I got so excited! I might finally get the smile I have been dreaming about!

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With Candid it’s a really easy process and one that is already underway for me! First, you sign up for the modeling kit for only $95 and it’s sent to your house. Then, you send in a few photos of your teeth and take teeth impressions at home. And the best part is Candid has a support team to walk you through it all on a video call. They are also there throughout the process to answer any questions for you. Once you send the impressions  in and get them approved by an orthodontist at Candid, the customer service team will talk you through the plan for your smile and send out all of your aligners once you approve the plan. (If for some reason you are not a good candidate for the aligners, they will refund the cost of the modeling kit!)

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I just got my clear aligners in the mail and will wear my first set for two weeks. I simply told Candid when I started to wear them and they’ll remind me to move to the second set of aligners in two weeks, and so on and so on. I love how effortless and simple the entire process has been so far, and the best part is I have not had to sit in any waiting rooms or traffic for these. Plus, since the aligners are clear I can wear them all day long – no problem! I will keep you guys updated throughout the process on here and Instagram, so stay tuned! And if you are interested in learning more or trying it check out Candid HERE!

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