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Who doesn’t want straighter, brighter smile? I don’t think I have met anyone who wants their smile to be anything but it’s best and luckily enough you can now get your smile straightened out from the comfort of your home with Candid Co! You don’t have to step foot in a doctor’s office, but you get the impression trays and clear aligners all delivered to your door step!

*Thanks so much to Candid for partnering with me on this post and for my brighter, straighter smile!

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So if you have been following along closely, you might have seen this post HERE back in June where I said I was getting ready to start with Candid and now I have been wearing my clear aligners for three months and have been loving the results. I actually remember my old retainers really hurting and the same with braces when I got them tightened, but my process with Candid has been seamless and pretty much pain free. I wear my aligners as much as I can throughout the day and all night, and then swap them out every two weeks for the new set. They come in a box all together when you start the process and are already organized for you in the box. It’s super easy, every time it’s time to change my retainers, I just go to the box and grab the next set out. I also get an email from the Candid team the day of the switch reminding me to do so! And their customer service team has been checking in to make sure it’s all smooth sailing over here.

And while my teeth have not been hurting, I can already tell a big difference in my smile and am so happy with the results already! It’s also super easy to wear the retainers since they are clear and really only have to be out when I am taking major phone calls, doing TV segments or eating. I also love that it comes with a handy case so you can throw them in your bag when you’re out and it comes with a solution that not only cleans the retainers, but also whitens your teeth at the same time!

If you weren’t sold at not having to make the drive every few weeks to the doctor, then the price drop alone will probably seal the deal! At Candid they pride themselves on providing the clear retainers for 65% less and seeing results fast!

Head to now to see if you are a candidate!

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