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How do you guys save your photos and basically your memories?! I have been struggling with this for a while, especially since I want to document everything of Smith, and can’t imagine what will happen if my phone or Instagram crashes! I’ll lose everything! Well, I’m so excited to partner with Mixbook today to share their beautiful new collab with style icon Oh Joy! and it solves all my photo saving dilemmas! You can check out all of the items from the Oh Joy! for Mixbook HERE!

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Not sure if you guys are familiar with Mixbook, as I recently learned about them, but they make it super easy to upload all your photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram and more, directly onto their site and into a photo book! It’s so cool and the best way to save photos you love in one place. I want to document every year of Smith’s life and this is going to make it so easy to do. When I heard Mixbook was collabing with Oh Joy! I knew it was going to be super cute because everything Joy does is! They have 5 colorful photo book themes to choose from and I love them all. We decided on the Cheerful Days Kids Yearbook layout for Smith, but you can also choose from an everyday memories pattern, a color block photo journal, a travel photo journal and more. They are all so pretty and bright and perfect for keeping all your memories of your kids in one spot. The best part is the price is so right. You can do it for as low as $16!

I was pretty good about framing pictures of Smith during his first year, but after that, life got away from me and I haven’t printed much since. I can just remember as a kids going through all my baby photo albums and my mom’s baby photo albums and loving it. I would sit with my grandparents for hours going through their old photos too and asking all the questions. I know Smith will want to do the same some day, and even right now, so I want to make it a yearly tradition to making yearbooks for him full of our best memories, and maybe even some not so fun memories, because they’ll all be funny later on! For this Yearbook I started from the beginning of 2018 and ended at the end of 2018. It was actually a really big year for us because it’s when Smith started preschool, got his first haircut, sat with Santa for the first time without crying, learned how to swim, he went to Maui and Cabo for the first time and loved them both (he asks to go back all of the time) and he even transitioned into a big boy bed! When I started looking at all the photos even as I was uploading them, I couldn’t believe how much he has grown and how much older he seemed in just one year! He is such a good big boy now and we are so proud of him! I can’t wait to see what this year brings for him and us and to look back again at this year through a new photo book on Mixbook.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’ll see you back here Monday for a new post!

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