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April is right around the corner and that means it’s tax time! Are you guys ready for it? I feel like it’s always stressful because who really has the time to deal with it, but I have to say this year was a breeze for me because I used H&R Block Online! Do you guys file your taxes online or do you have someone do it for you?

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Between owning my own business and being a mama to a very busy toddler, I don’t have a lot of time to get anything extra done, especially when it seems as daunting as filing taxes. One thing I have learned throughout the years to make the process go a little bit smoother is to keep track of your deductible expenses throughout the year and have them saved on your computer for easy access. Then when it comes to filing your taxes online, it will be easy to input any necessary deductions without driving yourself crazy!

It can be hard to decide who to file your taxes with online since there are so many websites to choose from. I was curious whether H&R Block Online or Turbo Tax would be easier, but after starting the process on both, I found H&R Block Online to be a lot faster and easier to use, not to mention it was a bit cheaper. I remember in years past when I filed onIine, you had to input so much information and the websites were so hard to navigate and understand if you were doing it right, but H&R Block Online is so user friendly and they are prompting you with easy questions like do you own or rent or have dependents. You can easily answer by clicking one button to get you further along into the process and they are basically making it easy for you to choose the level of help and service you need. They also allow you to upload your documents, which saved me from so much data entry. It’s awesome. Since I am self-employed they suggested the self-employed preparation service since my taxes will be more detailed with deductions versus someone who works full-time without a lot of deductions. H&R Block Online also told me the price right up front, versus Turbo Tax, which made you go through a lot more work to find out how much it would cost you. Overall, I would say I was able to file my taxes online in an hour and for under $150.

Another reason a lot of people love to use H&R Block Online is because they support more forms free of charge if you make under $66,000 in income, which is so great. They also offer a lot of assistance should you need it. You can literally chat with a tax pro, screenshare and even have a tax pro review your return and file it for you if you are having difficulty. Whatever level of involvement you want, they have it.

My main goal was to get the biggest refund without a lot of time and hassle and I am happy how it turned out. I know so many of you are worried about tax reform this year and how it might affect your refund, but filing with H&R Block Online made it stress-free for me and it meant more playtime with Smith! I hope you guys have a seamless tax filing season! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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