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Oh my gosh you guys…I have been holding a very big secret for way too long!!!!!!!

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I am so excited to FINALLY announce that my husband and I are expecting a baby later this year!  You don’t know how hard it is to keep a secret like this when you write a personal blog everyday – it is hard!!!  But it’s well worth the wait to make sure the baby and I are on a healthy path.  Where do I even begin?!  Let’s just say I have had a baby seriously on my brain for the last year and I feel so lucky that it happened for us.  Here’s a little back story…

I have been a baby person since I was a baby if you can believe it. From my earliest memories I loved babies and wanted to hold them. I started babysitting at 13 and then in college I was a nanny.  After moving to LA I got a few babysitting jobs, but was around kids less and less and missed their youthful innocence and curiosity, so I started volunteering last year with underprivileged youth.  I knew we needed to wait to have our own baby until the time was right – not to mention, LA is expensive lol.

To go from trying not to get pregnant to actually planning and trying to get pregnant is such a weird and exciting change. I was actually really scared because I wondered if I could get pregnant and how long it would take.  I have heard a lot of women, even as young as me, having major infertility trouble.  I can very gratefully say that was not my case and we got pregnant right away.  That said, make sure you are ready when you start trying because it can happen overnight!

I found out I was expecting because I had no energy and wasn’t feeling well.  I couldn’t actually believe the tests when I took them though!  But it was true and my husband and I were shocked and so excited!  We still cannot believe it is happening.  So cool!  Unfortunately it was hard to enjoy the pregnancy for the couple months because I was so sick.  I don’t know why they call it morning sickness when I was sick all day long!  It wasn’t only nausea, but aches, chills, exhaustion and headaches.  You might remember when I wasn’t blogging or Instagramming much at the end of April beginning of May – it was because I couldnt even get on my phone or out of bed I was so sick. But luckily, my doctor was able to prescribe me something light and it has done wonders!  (Message me if you are suffering through it and I can tell you what I was given.)  I thought when you were pregnant you couldn’t take anything, but thank goodness I was wrong.

The very hardest part in your first trimester is not screaming the news from the rooftop right away!  I am terrible at keeping secrets, especially when it is such good news, but you have to.  You really need to get through all of the tests and the first trimester to make sure everything is ok before being so vocal.  I am elated to finally share the news with everyone and pray the rest of the pregnancy is good and the baby and I are healthy!

As you can imagine, I’ll be sharing a lot more personal stories and feelings here as I go through my journey, but don’t worry – I will still keep doing all of my outfit posts, beauty and trend reports, etc – there might just also be some baby things added in!  As I grow and delvelop as a woman and mom, I plan to take my blog through the same processes, which I hope you all will love!  I cannot wait to share house news once it is locked up, and design the baby’s room, and everything else!  Maybe I’ll even share some more food posts since I’ll have to start cooking more!

Thank you guys so much for reading and following along with me!  Lots more to come!  Make sure you follow my new Baby Pinterest boards and all of my boards HERE!  xo

On me: Bailey 44 Burnout Dress (similar HERE)

On Doug: Rails Plaid Men’s Shirt // DL1961 Men’s Mason Jeans

Photos by Valorie Darling

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