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I have been getting some many messages lately about my skin and how great it’s looking, so I thought I would share my current skincare routine. I feel like I try new products often and my routine changes throughout the year, so it’s always good for a little update. I have to say I have been loving my skin recently and ave had no breakouts thank goodness (knock on wood), and usually in the winter my skin is so dry, but I haven’t had that issue this year. I really chalk up my great skin to consistency and amazing products. Also trying to get whole foods and no junk, hardly any alcohol, and always washing my face no matter what, plus facials whenever I can really help. Finally, if you saw my post 6 months ago HERE you saw I did Botox and a little bit of filler, which is always great for preventative and to make everything look smoother! I haven’t done anything in the past six months besides the Total Life facial with the amazing Sonya Dakar and a few oxygen and light therapy facials with her over the past six months. Without further ado, here is what I am doing and loving!

My Morning Routine:

I start by using Garnier Micellar Water to remove any leftover eye makeup, then I apply a serum. I have been using this new one called Odacite Watermelon Serum, but the Kate Somerville Age Arrest Serum is also amazing and one I have used for years. With the Odacite Serum you don’t really need an oil, but that is usually the next step in my routine, especially when I use the Revive or Kate Somerville serums that are lighter. I have sworn by the Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Oil for years and swear it is magical on my skin and worth every penny! Then it’s all about a moisturizer and right now I am loving this really thick one from Dr. Hauschka called Rose Cream because it is so thick and hydrating, perfect on dry winter skin. It really absorbs nicely though and it is not greasy or thick once it is applied. Even with my acne prone skin, this has never broken me out and it smells so nice. If you are afraid of using something too thick under your makeup, I highly recommend Kate Somerville Goat’s Milk Lotion. I finish with my favorite Elemis Eye Cream. One more thing – I really attribute my great skin to using a good foundation, or what feels to me like a tinted moisturizer. I have been using the La Mer Cushion Foundation and am so obsessed with it. I don’t feel guilty putting it on because it is La Mer after all, and it’s so lightweight and moisturizing and not cake-y at all!


My Nighttime Routine:

No matter how tired you are, wash your face! It’s the difference between a blemish and no blemish in my opinion. I am lazy when it comes to washing my face, but I swear by Garnier Micellar Face Wipes. I use them every night and really love them. They are better than any other wipes on the market in my opinion (and affordable compared to some) and they even have micellar eye makeup removing pads too, which I love. Then if I am not masking, which I usually do once a week (my favorite mask is the Sonya Dakar Rose Gold Mask for brighter and tighter skin and the Boscia Charcoal Mask for cleaning my pores and exfoliation), I start with this amazing Anti-Aging serum from Revive. It has been doing wonders for me I think. I know it comes with a big price tag, so if that is not in the budget, then again, I have had a lot success with with Kate Somerville Age Arrest Serum. I had been using the Sonya Dakar Oil at night too, until I got my friend Allison’s new Mara Beauty Retinol Oil. I love her oil and this is great for nighttime because it has Retinol in it. If you are wondering what the hype is about Retinol, it really is an amazing ingredient that smoothes out your skin’s texture and tone and gets rid of and prevents fine lines and wrinkles! Finish it up with the Sonya Dakar Lifting and Sculpting Cream or a new one I am loving Revive Moisture Renewal. The last step is Sonya Dakar’s SuperLift Eye Serum and Sara Happ’s Lip Slip!

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  • Thanks for sharing!! These are such good tips 🙂 I hate washing my face outside of the shower because of the way it feels to get water all down my arms and everywhere haha! Something about that just annoys me but for sure my skin feels better when I do! Awesome post, thanks for bringing us your guide! xo