equipment silk striped dress

So I shot this look in hopes of bringing some fall weather to Los Angeles!

sole society brown saddlebag

large brown saddle bag

long sleeved striped silk dress

maternity silk dress

khaki suede ankle boots

I guess my idea didn’t really work, since it’s still 100 degrees in LA this week, but you better bet when the weather cools down a bit, this is what I will be wearing.  Now that my bump is getting so big it’s really hard to fit into the things I have in my closet and I have been struggling on what to buy because I don’t want to spend more money on things that I will grow out of in the next month, but this is the perfect type of dress to invest in. It’s so loose and comfortable and flattering with the vertical stripes.  Plus, I think I could actually wear this after the baby comes too.  I am more and more about comfort these days because I think I might be getting into that phase when I am having a harder time doing normal daily activities.  I am so excited to be be going to the chiropractor now and starting pilates again because I really hope it helps me strengthen my body and not feel aches and pains because of my expanding body.

I hope you guys had a great weekend.  I had the best shower ever as you probably saw on my Snapchat and Instagram – so beyond what I ever imagined.  I cannot wait to share the photos with you guys!  Make sure to shop my look below:

Equipment Maternity Long-Sleeved Dress // Sole Society Lyriq Suede Ankle Boots // Sole Society Thalia Saddlebag // Giles and Brother Skinny Spike Bracelet // Jennifer Fisher Mini Nail Cuff // Supply + Demand Honeycomb Stud Earrings

Photos by Valorie Darling

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