It’s finally time to share the last city and video from our European babymoon!  It actually makes me sad that this is it, but I have to say it was the best possible idea I have ever had to make videos from our trip so we have these amazing memories forever.  Video really brings the trip back to life and my husband and I have loved looking back on all of the fun times we had already forgotten we had!  I highly recommend you guys snapping a few videos next time you head on a vacay.  I hope you enjoyed following along our trip and watching.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Where to Eat:  The one thing to know about Portugal is food is majorly affordable!  You can have a really nice dinner for two under $100.  No Chiado was our favorite dinner in the city.  The steak sandwich was a must-eat and so was the curried shrimp.  As for brunch we loved the chocolate croissants and coffee at Restaurante Benard.  We also were given free sushi at the restaurant in our hotel and my husband said it was fresh and delicious!  It looked amazing – I was so jealous I couldn’t eat it!

Where to Stay:  We really liked our hotel, LX Boutique Hotel, which was right in the mix of the city.  It was a cute small boutique hotel, with chicly decorated rooms, but they were small and the bathrooms weren’t amazing. (Also, do not stay on the first floor unless you want to hear bar music all night from the bars on the street below!)  But overall super cute and they give you free sushi the first night and free wine and treats every afternoon.  It was at the bottom of the hill near the train station and river, but that said you have to do a lot of walking uphill to shops and restaurants.

What to See:  This city is so hilly so the best way to see more of the city without tiring out after the first site is to take a Tuk Tuk Tour!  It’s a tiny little car, it’s a little pricey, but worth it if you get a good tour guide.  Ours took us to a few churches, great lookout points, told us about the history of the city and dropped us off at the Castle St. George, which was awesome and I highly recommend going to see!  We also took a day trip via a 40 minute train to a little beach city Cascais and it was super cute and easy to get to and walk around.  Once there you can shop, lay out or eat.


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