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When we bought our house 4 years ago, we did our best to get it furnished on a budget and time constraints before we had a baby, but there were a few rooms that we didn’t do much with and one of which, was our bedroom. Read on for the inspiration behind fixing it up!

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So before we moved in, we bought a new king size bed and beautiful white upholstered bed frame, but that was about it, plus a new bench for the foot of the bed, which we still love! We decided to re-use existing nightstands and lamps to save money and time. During the last three years we bought new pillows and throw blanket for the bed, but that was the extent of our purchases and realized we needed a true update to the bedroom. While we loved the bright, white feel to our bedroom, we really wanted something a little more grown-up and cozy feeling. Also the blue lamps and mirrored nightstands seemed outdated and weren’t our style anymore. I knew the first thing to do to make the room feel more cozy was to add a rug and a big one. I found a great and inexpensive option on and pulled the trigger. The next thing on the list to buy were new nightstands and lamps. I saw all of my favorite interior designers doing wall lamps and loved the idea of bringing a little bit of black and gold into the space and freeing up space on our nightstands. I found these matching wall lamps for $100 if you can believe it on – such a score! The nightstands were more of a splurge vs. a score, but after ordering cheap ones online that were way too short and small (we have a taller bedframe), I knew the nice wooden nightstands from Pottery Barn would be worth every penny and would stand the test of time. I also loved how they were trimmed in black metal to match the lamps.

I get a ton of inspiration from Amber Interiors (follow her on Insta if you aren’t already) and love the way she mixes and matches texture and vintage looking pillows on beds for her clients. I couldn’t afford to do $300 pillows like she does, but I started hunting for similar styles and found all of these embroidered pillows on Anthropologie for a much better price and I waited until a sale! I also ordered a new Turkish throw blanket similar in style to ones I had seen her use at the foot of beds and made it look even more luxurious by mixing it with a beautiful blue wool blanket I had been sent to me years ago. I love repurposing items when I can. One more thing we did that you can’t really see in this photo is to remove the white blinds from the door in our room and replace it with a navy velvet black out curtain from West Elm along with with wooden + gold hardware curtain rod. It looks so much chicer.

The finishing touches were to buy matching bed side clocks and faux flowers from Anthro to put in my grandmother’s vintage vases! We are so happy with how things turned out and eventually will replace the blinds for the two windows with cute neutral textured ones. Let me know if you guys have any questions and thanks so much for reading. See below for the before photo!

the style editrix bedroom

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