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Where are all my Downton Abbey fans?! I was obsessed with the series and so excited when they officially announced there would be a movie – and let me tell you, the movie is everything I hoped for and wanted it to be!

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I didn’t know what to expect when I headed into see the Downton Abbey movie on opening day last Friday, but to say it was amazing is an understatement! While I don’t want to give too much away, because you guys have to go see it, the film starts right where season 6 left off. I was worried that the film might skip ahead years and we would be wondering what happened with the family since the show, but all of our questions were answered. I also loved that the film didn’t feel rushed and was allowed to breathe, just like the show always did. And we got to really catch up on each and every single important character to see what they were up to and how things were progressing in their lives. There was an overall narrative tying all of the characters into the storyline and it was all based on a royal visit. I feel like if you love Downton Abbey, most likely you love the royals too, so it was a genius arc and very relative since everyone has been focused on real royals for the last decade.

My favorite character per usual was Lady Mary because she is so complex and interesting and modern and always looks and dresses so chic (did you see she got a stark bob for the film?!). I also loved that the show, the movie and Mary in particular touch on women’s rights and how much progress we as a society and women have made, but it is also a reminder that we always need to protects women’s rights.

Even though I was grateful to watch this two hour film, I left wanting more already and am really hoping there is a sequel! I was with a room full of bloggers and journalist to screen the movie and we got to ask questions to the cast directly after the film. We chatted with Allen Leech who plays Mr Branson, Elizabeth McGovern who plays Cora, and Hugh Bonneville who plays Robert Crawley. We asked them if there was a chance that there would be another movie and they said there definitely was if we all keep asking for it and go see the first one! I am so excited and this is also my plea for everyone to see it so it happens lol. I asked the cast about the real royals and if they had met the royal family or heard they were fans of the show. They surprisingly have not met many royals, but they have all met Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, when she visited their set. They said she was definitely a fan and loved the wardrobe on the show and they she was lovely. So cool!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it HERE! And make sure to head to the theater this weekend to watch the movie!

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