Who needs some colorful spring essentials?! I know I do! LA usually has pretty mild winters, but this year has been our coldest in years and we have had so much rain. I know we need the rain and our cold isn’t very cold comparatively, but I have to say I am so excited for spring and warmer weather and sunnier days! I have been trying to brighten up my wardrobe lately I think because of the weather, and now I am really loving all the colorful pieces for spring and wanted to share some of my favorites right now. You can literally find bright swimsuits, sunnies, pants, sweaters dresses and tops because I think the bright shades are a big trend for spring as is neon. I am sort of over all the muted and blush tones for the moment and instead will be investing in colorful pieces that won’t go out of style too quickly but that will definitely make a fun statement this spring and go with what I already have in my closet. I love bright yellows like these square toe sandals, the neon yellow pants, and bright yellow sweater, plus the bright pink dress, green jumpsuit and the floral scarf pants! They are all so cute and fun!

I tried to keep the prices pretty affordable here since I know sometimes those colorful pieces get tossed aside after wearing them a few times. My big piece of advice is if you are buying statement pieces you know you’ll only wear a couple of times, then keep the price lower or sell it after it has made you happy so it can make someone else happy before the trend is over. Poshmark is where I do a lot of my selling. You can actually check out what I’m currently selling on my Poshmark Closet HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Make sure to click on the images above to shop the pieces.

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