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Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday! I not only wanted to wish the man behind the business a very happy birthday, but to also share a bit of our love story and how we met. I get asked all the time ‘where did you meet your husband’, and it definitely wasn’t on Tindr lol. I am dating myself, but we started dating 13 years ago this month! Isn’t that crazy?! So there were no dating apps or meeting people online. There was barely Facebook, and it wasn’t being used to date at all then. We met the old fashioned way, through friends, but it’s a pretty cool story!
So I was living in LA for a year during my junior year in college so that I could intern at E! while attending classes at Cal State San Bernardino. I made the move with my best friend Catherine and we lived in a little pool house in Beverly Hills. I was interning for True Hollywood Story and loving it. In the six months I was living in LA before I met my husband Doug in February, I had no luck with men in Cali. I had pretty much given up and decided I would find someone back in Kentucky when I moved back in July, but then that all changed when Doug and I met. My sorority sister Becca was also living in LA interning that year and started dating a guy at school who was from Missouri. One night we were going out and he said his fraternity brother from back home had just moved to LA and we were going to pick him up and go to a club in Hollywood. I didn’t think anything of it until we were packed like sardines in the car and this guy with spiky hair was all up on me lol. I remember he smelled good, but I wasn’t trying to be interested. That night we both played it cool, but our friends were totally playing matchmaker and telling the other that we liked each other lol. We parted ways until the next weekend when we all met up again and this time we were definitely flirting and he got my number that night. He had just moved to LA and had a very stressful job as an interior architect for a prestigious firm in downtown LA so things were very slow in the beginning and we texted a bit, but didn’t talk much. We did continue to hang one night a weekend and eventually got super close about two months before I was set to move back home. It was so crazy. I had to move back to Louisville to graduate do my senior year of college, so there was no option to stay and he had just started his career in LA, so he was staying put. At first we said we were just a fling and it would end when I moved, but it didn’t end up that way and we couldn’t bare to break up. It was one of the hardest years of my life, but we ultimately made it through 10 months of a long distance relationship. We made a pact to try and see each other once a month and I tried to only take Tues/Thurs classes so I could travel back and forth, but it was so hard. I don’t regret a second of it though. After I graduated I immediately moved to LA for good this time and we have been together ever since!


(Photo of when we were babies and had just started dating in 2006)

Anyway, I love our unordinary love story and to look back and see how far we have come. We are both in totally different places in our careers and lives, but we managed to grow together and stay together and to fight for what we had. I am so glad we did and now we have this amazing life together and Smith to show for it. It was really hard to be together from such a young age and there were so many rough patches and bumps in the road, but we have come out to the other side and still work on our relationship and connection and love all the time. It was so nice yesterday to reconnect on our little getaway to the Montage Laguna Beach and something we always know is important to keep us connected and the spark alive. We will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary later this year.

If you made it this far into the post, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you want more relationship posts in the comments below and make sure to give my hubby a like and follow on Instagram @redesignproperties and if you are in LA and need the best realtor in Los Angeles (commercial and residential) he is your man and owns his own company now! He just closed on Tom and Ariana’s house from Vanderpump Rules and is killing it. I’m so proud of him – he is seriously the hardest working person I have ever met!

To see our wedding click HERE and see a husband video HERE!

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