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Face masks are a huge part of my skincare routine! Do you use either sheet masks or masks that you can apply directly to your face and either rinse away or peel off? I feel like there are so many masks on the market these days it’s hard to know which are good and maybe not worth your time, because this step usually does take a bit of time. Today I am sharing 6 face masks that I do regularly and really love. I’ll keep trying more too so I can share which ones I think actually help your skin! Here are what I think are some of the best face masks and why they are great for your skin:

Arcona Tea Tree Mask

I love using this mask when I am dealing with acne and breakouts. It exfoliates, purifies, decongests and detoxifies the skin and diminishes pores with antibacterial salicylic acid and tea-tree extract. It also has sulfur and grapefruit extract. It goes on like a scrubbing cleanser and you wash it off in 15-20 minutes.

Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

I love this one for cleaning pores and helping with dull, uneven skin. Everyone is loving charcoal these days and this is cool because it goes on black and silky. This one dries on your skin and you peel it off. It’s a little painful, but worth it!

Sonya Dakar Rose Gold Radiance Mask

This is great for pore minimizing and gives you an instant glow. You apply it to your skin and rinse it off in 2-20 minutes.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

this one is great for moisturizing and is not only a mask but something you can leave on all day as your moisturizer under makeup! It was originally created by my blogger friends who travel a lot and had super dry, tired skin from jet lag and airplanes!

Mary Kay Timewise Repair Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

this is great for lifting and firming and if you use two a week you can see noticeable differences in two weeks. This is a sheet mask vs all the above which are applied directly to your face.

Patchology Milk Peel Sheet Mask

This is another sheet mask that makes you skin feel brighter and refreshed. It gets rid of dead skin cell, smoothes and brightens the skin and it great for sensitive skin. Keep it on 10-20 minutes.

If you missed my post on the 5 best face oils, check it out HERE! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!

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