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Because I take a lot of pictures for the blog and am on TV for segments, as well as hosting events, taking care of my skin is a top priority for me. I am so excited to partner with Tree Hut on this skincare routine post!

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exfoliating mud mask

tree hut daily moisturizer

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tree hut cleansing gel

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I may have not taken a skincare routine as seriously as I should have in college, but since then, I have a morning and nighttime routine that I am pretty religious about. I value good skin and was pretty blessed my whole life with it, but now I know if I go without taking care of my skin, I’ll pay for it within the week (with a break out) and in the long run.  You don’t have to do some complicated regimen to have good skin, but something simple that will keep your skin clean and hydrated.  I have been using these great products from a brand I recently discovered called Tree Hut and I love them.  They have natural ingredients, smell amazing (the scent is very light and fresh) and feel luxurious, but they don’t cost a fortune. It’s so nice to find a brand that stands up to the really expensive ones in terms of quality, but that is accessible to everyone.  As of late, I am also a big fan of masks (if you follow me on Instagram Stories you have seen it lol), and love this Charcoal Mud Mask from Tree Hut.

Here’s my routine with the Tree Hut products:

  1. I use the Purifying Cleansing Gel to remove makeup or the night’s residue from my face.  This cleansing gel is really gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin.
  2. Then I use the Exfoliating Mud Mask, if you are squeezed for time in the morning like I am, use the mask at night before bed and before your nighttime moisturizer.  It’s great for detoxifying your skin and removing the dead skin before you apply your moisturizer.
  3.  Last, I apply the Protecting Daily Moisturizer – it’s lightweight, has SPF 30 and is great alone or under makeup.

Photos by Jordan Zobrist

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