Are you in the market for new swimwear? I’m sharingSwimsuits are tricky for me. Before becoming a mom and getting stretch marks on my stomach, I was all about teeny weeny bikinis, but since having Smith I prefer being covered up and more sensible since I’m usually in the water playing with him and he can easily grab my suit so I need to be covered up in the places that really matter. While a one-piece seems like the safest way to go it’s so much harder thank you would think to find one that is not grandma or on the other hand too skanky! Some of them are skeet on the back side and way too low cut in the front and I could go on and on. It seems like the cute ones are always $300 and I never will shell out that for a swimsuit that I’ll wear a few times.

I am also a fan of high-waist bikinis, but again, they need to be cut right. Sometimes the waist isn’t cut high enough and it can give you love handles or it’s too low on the butt and legs and makes you look stumpy. Today I found 12 super cute and mostly affordable one piece swimsuits and high-waist bikinis perfect for the spring and summer 2019 season. Thanks so much for stopping by today and click on the images to shop the suits!

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