I have been in the market for new sunglasses lately and thought I would share some of the cute pairs I found that are sunglass trends for 2019! I hate spending a lot of money on sunglasses these days because I would rather have more pairs, so here are 12 pairs of sunglasses under $75. From cat eye, to oversize and bright colors, there are so many sunglass trends to choose from. I personally love the yellow or vanilla colored frames and am also still digging the smaller cat eye shapes that were popular last year.

I also just included two pairs I just bought and one is only $6 if you can believe it! Check out the small black cat eye sunglasses above from Boohoo.com. I couldn’t believe it when I saw they were $6 and had to order them. I was like even if they fall apart tomorow they will be worth it, but to my surprise they fit my face great and have been so durable. I have had them for a month now! I also just bought the oversize Sonix Butterscotch color frames above and love those when I want to switch it up from traditional black frames. They are a little big on me because I have such a small face, but I like them because it makes them dramatic.

Which pairs are your favorite? Shop by clicking on the images! Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure to come back for more posts this week. I’ll also be on Access Hollywood on Friday and would love for you to tune in! Follow for BTS on Instagram @thestyleeditrix

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