travel beauty essentials

We headed back to St. Louis this weekend for a friend’s wedding and also to see my in laws and had a great time! Smith was actually really good on the plane, and even slept some on the way home! He had been asking to go to the airport the entire week leading up and was super excited. While I am still not sure how he would do on a long flight to Europe (I really wanted to go to Europe this fall and bring him), I am going to think on that a bit more lol.

Today I thought I would round up my beauty travel essentials. I am not exactly a light packer, especially when it comes to my beauty products. I don’t want to really switch up my routine or compromise on good products, so I try to get all of my regular products in travel size! You can shop all of the products I travel with in the shop bar below! Thanks so much for stopping by today and make sure you come back here tomorrow for a new post.

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