the style editrix baby halloween costume

These pictures are a bit deceiving because it looks like Smith was actually having a good time in his baby lion costume, but in reality, he hated it!

smiths first halloween

baby halloween lion costume

mommy blogger halloween costume

cinderella pink pumpkin

smith as a baby lion

This year is the year of firsts for Mr. Smith and today it’s his first Halloween!  I was so excited about it, I order his cute baby lion costume months ago!  I knew Smith hated wearing hats, so I was a bit weary trying out the costume and boy was I right!  He literally cried when we got it on him inside and tore the hood part off immediately.  We managed to get it back on and run him outside to snap a few pics, but it lasted maybe 2 minutes lol!  Needless to say, it was worth the drama because he looks so freaking cute in these photos.  What are you guys going as for Halloween?  I would love to see what you and your littles (if you have them) are wearing!  Tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see when you post!  (It’s so fun now being a Mommy Blogger too because I love watching everyone else with their kids and doing fun things.  Los Angeles has a great mom blogger community too and I love connecting with the other moms.)

I don’t think Doug and I will dress up.  Probably just Minnie Mouse ears for me tonight when we take Smith around the block to a friends house.  He is obviously too young for trick or treating, but we are going to tag along with a few neighborhood families for fun.  And our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween with decorations in their yards because so many of them work at the studios and in film and TV.  Follow along on my Instagram Stories.

Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for a new outfit post!

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