Sevilla might have been my favorite city on our babymoon trip!  My sisters actually lived in Sevilla for quite a while and always said how in love with the old-world city they were, but I still wasn’t sure if I would be interested.  When I initially thought of Spain, I thought I would love to see Madrid and Barcelona.  We ended up skipping Madrid (because we heard it was just like any other big city) and loved Barcelona, but Sevilla was definitely a lot more charming.  Keep reading for specifics on the city!

Where to Stay: After a lot of research and asking my sisters what part of town we would like best, we decided on the FonteCruz Sevilla.  It is owned by Marriott and did not disappoint.  It was an amazing location just steps from lots of great restaurants and the famous Cathedral in the city.  We were able to walk everywhere with no taxis or public transportation, which was awesome.  it was also super clean, had a nice pool and our room was large by Euro standards.  We were very happy there.

Where to Eat:  We had some amazing food in Sevilla!  We started out for a late tapas dinner and drinks at a little hole in the walk near the Cathedral, Casa Morales.  It was full of locals and a great low-key vibe.  The cheeses and meats were so yummy and my husband loved the sangria.  You have to order the damon con salmorejo, which is ham on a garlic tomato toast – so good!  The next morning we grabbed a light, but yummy coffee and pastry breakfast at the cutest little cafe called Gusto,  For dinner that night we got recommended a little Italian spot called San Marco and it was so good!  I got the alfredo and really liked it.  It was almost cave like inside, but great prices and food.

What to See:  Granted we were only in Sevilla for just 36 hours, but we got to see and do a lot!  The city isn’t huge so we felt like we could squeeze a lot in.  First and foremost you must tour the beautiful Cathedral.  It was the prettiest one my husband and I have ever seen and the admission was cheap.  The line looked super long, but it went to fast and definitely make it to the top of the tower for the awesome views!  Next Flamenco!  It is a huge tradition in Sevilla and so cool to see in person.  There are lots of places to go, but we chose La Casa Del Flamenco and really liked it because it was so intimate.  Finally, we definitely loved our carriage ride and tour through Plaza de Espana.  So beautiful and lots of little cafes around if you get hungry or want to grab a glass of vino.

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