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As I was growing up I have to say I was always wishing my body looked different. I wanted to be curvier in middle school, I wanted to have bigger boobs in high school, I wanted to be skinnier in college and the lists goes on. But since becoming a mama, I have never felt more confident than with the body I have.

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white polka dot top

I have always had pretty decent self-confidence, thank you mom, but after I had Smith, I think I just feel more comfortable with who I am and how I look more than ever before. Maybe it’s because I have someone else to think about constantly, or because this body carried a child for 9 months and then gave birth, which is still something I am in awe of, but it’s a real feeling and a good one. I might not be a size 0 anymore, but I feel strong, I am eating pretty healthy and I am taking care of my baby everyday.

Even my period can’t get me down these days! My period is another thing that has gotten better postpartum believe it or not! It’s lighter and less painful these days – thank you lord! I always dreaded my period before baby because it was long and really crampy and I felt like I had to make plans around when I was on my period, but now I am a little more carefree, especially with Always Radiant that you can pickup at Walmart. AND Always Radiant and Walmart have just added two new sizes so that you can find the size that fits you (underwear size and your flow!) Using the Always Radiant Size Selector Tool you can easily find the right size pad to fit your unique cycle. I would even be so bold as to wear these white jeans on my period these days because Always Radiant is up to 100% leak and odor free! And since I am always on the go as a mom and boss lady, I just throw my Always Radiant pads into a cute clutch, grab my coffee and notebook and I’m good to go. Stress and hassle free from day to night, especially since the pads can give you up to 10 hours of protection!

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