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Hey guys!  Hope you are having a great week!  It’s been a minute since I shared an update about Smith and new photos, so that day is today!

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The past month has been so much fun with Smith… because he can walk!  It’s funny, a lot of people, including my family, said we didn’t want Smith to be able to walk because we would never sit down again, but I have to say, I am so excited he can walk now.  Both my husband and I love being on the go and are pretty active, and now that Smith is more independent and can walk, he is more active and more fun to interact with!  And he is SOOOO happy he can walk.  He just laughs and smiles as he explores!  We are now also able to go to the park and he can play and socialize, and he is able to explore more outside, in the house and at the mall!

‘Not all babies are the same’ is the truest statement I have ever heard!  My baby was actually so fussy as a little one, because he was frustrated and bored.  He hated sitting around and was much happier when someone was walking around holding him, pushing him in a stroller or taking him somewhere to people watch!  Unfortunately, I enjoyed very few days where he just chilled in one of his many amazing chairs, and instead I constantly felt the need to entertain my baby!  Now, I have to entertain less, believe it or not.  Smith loves figuring out how things work around the house and getting into everything he can!  And, since our house is baby-proofed, it’s really not that bad.  We are really good about putting stuff up and away, so Smith really only has access to what we want him to, which means mom actually gets to sit on the couch or floor every once and a while, whiles Smith plays independently!

I shared some cool photos and daily things we love to do over on Socal Moms Instagram on Tuesday, and in case you missed it, I thought I would share here!  We fill our days with playing in the backyard, taking family walks while Smith rides in his car, going to the park (it’s gates and has a soft bottom, so it’s awesome for him), going to Target, going to the mall, and he is slowly, but surely getting better about going out to eat with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back tomorrow for a new OOTD video!  xo

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Tent Ball Pit // Step 2 Whisper Ride Car // Fisher Price Slide + Seesaw


Photos by Jordan Zobrist

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