Hey guys I wanted to share a little bit more of a personal video with you today.  Smith is now two months old – where has the time gone?!  I have learned so much and have been able to reflect back a little on the last few weeks and thought I could share some of what I wish I would have known before the baby arrived.  I am so obsessed with my mister and cannot stop kissing his big cheeks, but it is definitely not a walk in the park everyday and the first few weeks were trying to say the least, even with the help of my husband and mom!  It’s all hands on deck over here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have been anxious about sharing my experience because I know NO two babies or people are exactly the same, but if this video helps even one mom, it’s worth me making it and sharing it – so please share this post with any new moms or pregnant friends/family!

Thanks for stopping by and for following my journey as a fashionista and new momma.  Smith and I are literally so happy and I am grateful for this blessed life and for a healthy baby.  I know I have a lot to learn and will definitely keep sharing what I find works for us and doesn’t.  Please be kind to all of the mommies out there and reserve judgement, because after all, we are all just doing our best!  xo

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