Are you on the hunt for the perfect High Waist Bikini for spring and summer?! I know I am! A few of you might know that I have the dreaded stretch marks on my stomach from having my beautiful Smith, and while I hate them, they are not the end of the world! I thought I would never be able to show my stomach in public again or wear a bikini again, but luckily the marks faded a lot and high waist bikinis are really on trend! I work hard in pilates to have a strong body and want to show it off and feel good about myself at the pool, so high waist bottoms for me are the best option! I rounded up some of my favorite high waist bikinis here so you guys can shop them too! There are so many fun prints and colors and while I don’t love too sexy or impractical suits, I don’t love grandma suits either and want to have something fun and flirty! Let me know if you’ll be option for a high waist bikini this year too! And a side note, I have never felt great in a bikini and always hated my stomach anyway, so even if you don’t have something you want to hide like I do, you can still rock a high waist bottom and feel all smooth and tucked in! I wish I would have before Smith!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Shop the bikinis by clicking on the images and if you missed my what to pack for Spring Vacation click HERE and for my Spring Shoe post, click HERE! See you back here on Monday!

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