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I have been blessed with a child that loves food and is a great eater, knock on wood because, well, you know, #toddlerlife! But seriously, Smith can take it down and my favorite meal with him is breakfast because I take the time to make him something good and healthy. I was so excited to discover Ozery Bakery because they have amazing bread products, like the little Snacking Rounds that Smith is obsessed with! Thanks to Ozery Bakery for partnering with me on this post!

ozery bakery snacking rounds

pecan butter on snacking rounds

healthy breakfast for kids

avocado on toast

avocado toast

ozery snacking rounds

the style editrix breakfast

kids breakfast ideas

Before Smith was born, I was NOT a morning person and I rarely ate breakfast, but now with Smith I eat a good breakfast pretty much everyday. I know it’s such an important meal for us both in order to have a great day. When I can, I usually like to make scrambled eggs, fruit and bread. Lately, we have been loving these little Apple Cinnamon Snacking Rounds from Ozery Bakery. I toast a few, cut them in half and then add a little butter. They are way better than boring toast and non-GMO and made with no artificial preservatives, which is so important to me. Smith actually will eat the little rounds alone and also with organic peanut or pecan butter too – so yummy for snack time as well!

I have actually been enjoying the Ozery Bakery bigger buns to make avocado toast and at lunch I use the One Bun Multigrain for sandwiches and at dinner to make veggie burgers. They actually taste way better than sliced bread and feel substantial without being too thick, plus they are also non-gmo and a great source of fiber. You can find them pretty much everywhere like Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart, etc.

What’s your go-to breakfast for yourself and for your kids, if you have them? I would love to get some new ideas! Thanks so much for stopping by today! See you back here tomorrow for a new outfit post!

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