I had never struggled with acne growing up or even in my 20’s – I rarely got a zit! I know I was super lucky! Cut to after I had Smith and I was dealing with hormonal acne on my chin, nose and forehead pretty regularly. It was never terrible, but I would get zits here and there that were huge and just wouldn’t go away. I was using the best products and thought I was eating the same so I couldn’t figure it out, especially since I was on birth control and my hormones were regulated. Cut to finally going to see a Dermatologist in Beverly Hills and within a month of following her plan my acne completely cleared up! She recommended two prescriptions, one of which was retin-a. I had heard mixed things about retinol and retin-a, but she told retin-a is actually something everyone could use in moderation and by doing it the right way. It’s not only great with clearing up acne, but it’s also great with pore tightening, firming and anti-aging.

Retin-a and retinol usually get a bad rep because people are using it too frequently or with the wrong products that are also too harsh and it’s causing redness and sometimes flaking. I never had any of those things happen to me because like the Dr. suggested, I stopped using any other products with exfoliants, acid or other harsh ingredients, scaled back my routine and started out only using the retin-a one or twice a week with days in between and with a serum or moisturizer. You have to build up tolerance and now it’s not even a thing for me. I use a pea size amount whenever I want or whenever I am getting a zit.

Watch my video and let me know what you think and if you have questions! I have linked all the products in my AM and PM skincare routines below! Thanks so much for watching and checking out my blog!


AM Routine: Witch Hazel // Cefdinir Prescription // Revive Anti-Aging Serum // 111 Skincare Sub Zero Depuffing Eye Duo // Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer


PM: Routine: Retin A Prescription // Sonya Dakar Overnight Sculpting Cream // Revive Intensif Sensitive Cream // Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Oil // Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

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