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For the past five years or so, since I have really been focused on taking care of my skin, I have worn sunscreen on my face pretty much everyday of my life. It’s part of my beauty routine and hopefully it’s part of yours too because it’s so important.

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aveeno face sunscreen

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neutrogena sunscreen

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neutrogena face sunscreen

Gone are the days when I lay on the beach or head to the pool with no SPF on. Especially because of living in Southern California where we have sun virtually everyday of the year, it’s super important for me to wear sunscreen every time I step outside to protect my skin and face from the sun. We have had a few skin cancer scares in my family, so I am very aware of the harm the sun can actually do to your skin, and not to mention the sun causes aging, wrinkles and dark spots – no thank you. The easiest way to incorporate SPF into your daily beauty routine is by using a daily face moisturizer with SPF in it, like this awesome Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 from Rite Aid. It goes on light and smooth and doesn’t look white or feel sticky. It’s perfect with your favorite face oil and then with or without makeup on top. There are a lot of great moisturizers from Aveeno and Neutrogena with SPF at Rite Aid to choose from, which makes it super easy – there’s something for everyone.

Obviously if you are spending time in the sun at the park or pool or beach, you’ll want to reapply more sunscreen every couple of hours. I picked up the Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30 Sunscreen from Rite Aid for my face because it is weightless and breathable and is clinically tested on acne prone skin to keep skin clear of sunscreen breakouts, which my husband and I are both afraid of because we have sensitive skin. And I love the Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 for all over the body for the whole family.

I love shopping at Rite Aid for wellness and beauty items because they have such a great selection from brands I love and trust, plus for every Neutrogena® product with SPF that you buy in-store or Rite Aid online from April to September, Neutrogena® will offer to donate two products with SPF to Americares up to $5MM to help children and families in need. AND check out these beauty promotions at Rite Aid for June:


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