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Ever since I got engaged 5 years ago, my husband and I have been discussing whether or not I would change my last name.  I thought that I would be excited to once I got married, but the truth is, I had already built my life and identity as Ashley Fultz and wasn’t sure I could just change my last name now that I was getting married.  My husband’s feelings were a little hurt because he expected that I would, but a few months after we got married, and I still hadn’t brought up the subject or taken any action to change my name, I think he sort of gave up.  Then when we talked about having a baby, he and I both agreed that would be the time for me to become a ‘McFarland’ officially.  Not to mention, I think he was getting fed up of being called Mr. Fultz at more than one restaurant or hotel where the reservation was under my name lol!  Long story short, I got so busy during my pregnancy that every time I thought about changing my name I felt really overwhelmed. It seems like such a daunting thing to have to do with going to the DMV, changing all your credit cards, etc, that I again put it off.  Smith is turning one this week and we know in the next year or two we’ll put him in preschool and I know I will really want us to have the same last name so there is never any confusion on who’s child he is!

So what is the point of telling you all of this?  I am so excited to share a site that I came across called HitchSwitch.  It’s a one-stop shop for changing your last name!  If you are like me, and you don’t even know where to start, they take out all of the guess work for you and they can actually do all of the work for you by providing all of the forms you need to fill out.  What’s even cooler is they provide an app where you can take a new passport photo online for free!  How convenient and amazing!  If you get the Platinum package, which is the one I am doing, you can basically kick back on the couch while your name is changed – totally stress-free.  I am finally going to be a McFarland, along with both of my boys, though in my work life I’ll remain Ashley Fultz! Make sure to head to if you need to change your last name too!

Thanks for stopping by today guys and make sure to come back tomorrow for another new post!

Madewell Sweater // Hudson Barbara High Waist Jeans // Ted Baker Gray Boots

On Smith:  Osh Kosh Fox Shirt // Levi’s Infant Jeans

Photos by Valorie Darling

Thanks to HitchSwitch for partnering on this post and helping make this blog possible.  All opinions and statements made here are mine and mine alone, as always.

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