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I am one of those people who loves having security and cameras, which is why I am so excited to partner with Swann Security. They have amazing options when it comes to home security systems and cameras. Everything from wired, wireless, indoor, outdoor and even one with flashing lights and a siren!

swann 4k enforcer system

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We have a 4 bedroom house with a big backyard and garage out front, so a lot of area we need to be secured and love having Swann cameras everywhere! Swann has a 4K Enforcer Security System that comes with 6 cameras all with motion-activated red and blue flashing lights and siren, along with mobile alerts so intruders have no where to hide! It’s my favorite system and gives me such peace of mind when I am home or away. I have never seen anything else like this one the market. The cameras also have color night vision, true detect heat and motion technology, PLUS, it comes with a hard drive where you can store videos for up to 180 days and the ability to upload clips to the cloud, which I do all the time!

My favorite thing about Swann is that you can access all cameras and videos from an app on your phone anytime or anywhere! I get so many packages delivered so it is especially nice that I can always see who is coming and going at my house and to keep my goodies secure!

Swann is the only vendor that offers a complete line up of inter-connectable wired and wireless security solutions that is also completely integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa. Swann’s WiFi and wire-free cameras are easy to Install and can be moved to different locations when needed. The Wireless 1080p Security Camera is a new, completely wireless camera that can be set up in seconds and used for monitoring indoors or outdoors. The camera comes stocked with state-of-the-art smart security features, including free face recognition and cloud or local storage – so cool!

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