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When it comes to using products and buying things for Mr. Smith, I am very particular and aware of sensitivities for his skin and body.

babyganics dryer balls

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I started getting into organic and all natural foods before I got pregnant, but after I got pregnant I was more careful than ever before of what I put into my body, on my skin and used in the house.  Now you can imagine when Smith was born, this was top of mind everyday.  I was really excited to see that there were not only natural baby products like wipes and diapers out there, but also baby-safe household products.  Before we even brought Smith home from the hospital, we started washing his little clothes in Babyganics detergent because we didn’t want him to have major skin sensitivities to regular detergent.  Now I am so excited to partner with Babyganics while they launch their latest and greatest baby-safe product, Babyganics Natural Wool Dryer Balls!

These real wool dryer balls were a totally new concept to me, but they are so cool!  Here’s the skinny: it’s the natural way to soften clothes and reduce static and help reduce drying time, but the best part is the wool is from East Coast sustainable farms and the balls are non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and compostable.  So it’s safe for our babes and the environment.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hoped you liked the new photos of adorable Mr. Smith!  I am enjoying him so much these days because he is full of smiles, loves snuggling with mommy and is jabbering all the time!  So cute!

The dryer balls just launched online at Target last week and will be available in Target stores on March 27th!


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