I started this series because too many people in my life I felt were inspirational with life stories untold.  I am so happy to be surrounded by people who are following their dreams and doing what they love on a daily basis and really making things happen for themselves, which brings me to my new guest, Gray Malin!  I have been fortunate enough to call Gray a friend for a year or two now, but I have also remained a steadfast fan of his work – he is a famous photographer who documents all of his amazing travels.  From the Prada Marfa photographs, to my favorites in Capri, and his recent Antarctica shots – he is certainly one of a kind.  Make sure to shop his work on and

My favorite piece of advice from Gray: “Make sure to knock because the door isn’t going to open on it’s own” in reference to asking for help in following your dreams!

What I’m wearing:  Tinley Road Downtown Dream Dress

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