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It’s officially summer, and with the weather heating up that means you’ll be showing off a lot of skin, so today I am sharing my top 5 summer beauty tips!  Thanks to LumaRX for partnering on this post with me!

luma rx mini

  1. Invest in an at home hair removal product.  I got this amazing LumaRX Mini Hair Removal device and love it!

sugar body scrub

2. Use a sugar body scrub to remove any dead skin to make you skin glow from head to toe.

foot scrubber

3.  After you get a pedicure to make your toes presentable, keep your feet looking their best by using a foot scrubber every time you shower.

jergons self tanning lotion

4.  I love using an easy sunless tanning lotion after I shower to keep my skin looking it’s best in shorts and skirts even when I don’t have time to get some sun, not to mention it’s much better for you than the actual rays.

bare minerals tinted gel

5.  Instead of piling on the foundation this summer, stick with a tinted gel cream on your face for light breathable coverage that also has an SPF.

luma rx and iphone

Last summer I got laser hair removal at a local med spa, but it didn’t fully get rid of the hair under my arms and on my bikini line, so I was really excited when I learned about the LumaRX Mini.  It’s an at-home hair removal device that is perfect for touch-ups whenever you need it at your own convenience and without shelling out hundreds every time you go to the spa or having to shave everyday.  The LumaRX uses intense pulse light (IPL) technology to stun the hair follicle and prevent future hair growth.  I don’t have a very high pain tolerance, so I use just level 1 and it feels like a slight burn when you flash the light to remove your hair.  Very similar to what laser hair removal felt like.  Nothing that you can’t handle and very worth it to avoid constant shaving and the dreaded red bumps that come along with that.  After the first week I already started noticing a big difference.  Plus, after you use it three times in the first month, you shouldn’t have to use it regularly anymore.  (Another note, if you want to do an entire area on your own at home, you can get the LumaRX Full Body Hair Removal Device instead.)

To get your skin ready for the summer, read more about the LumaRX HERE.  Thanks for stopping by!

Photos by Jordan Zobrist Photography


Post sponsored by LumaRX.  All opinions are my own as always.

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