Do you need some help with your dry winter skin? Watch this new video with my Nighttime Winter Skincare Routine and products I use I swear by! Plus, I am sharing how to avoid those dreaded chapped, flaky lips! Seriously, life-changing! I am sharing my tried and true favorite products I use every night! And did you know you apply oil and then your moisturizer?! I learned this from the amazing celebrity skincare guru, Sonya Dakar, who has treated my skin a couple of times and I am wowed by her and her products. I just so happen to be out of her products right now, but I’ll share more from her again soon! In the meantime, the trick to having great skin even in the dry cold weather is drinking lots of water, always taking of your makeup, and being consistent with a nighttime routine  using products with quality ingredients!

Watch my video for new tips and tricks and the best products money can buy!

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Shop the products from this video in order of appearance:
Skinceuticals Hydrating Mask // M-61 Hydrating Serum // Kate Somerville Dilo Oil // Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Moisturizer // Kate Somerville Eye Contour Serum // Sara Happ Lip Scrub // Sara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask

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