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In case you missed it, I was interviewed by and featured on! I was so honored that they asked me to be a part of their “Women Who Lead” series sponsored by White House Black Market. Check out my interview and photos below:

career contessa ashley fultz

Welcome to our special interview series, Women Who Lead. In partnership with White House Black Market, we’re celebrating five women teaching us to think differently, speak louder, and live better. No career is the same, and that’s just how we like it. These women are leading by example and living by their own rules.

Today, we’re talking to Ashley Fultz, the woman behind The Style Editrix. Ashley came to blogging in a roundabout way. In fact, blogging was never her dream job—at least not initially. After growing up in Kentucky, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a clear goal: to build a career in T.V. And she made it happen, landing a job as a producer at E! where she’d work for seven years. But plans change, and Ashley found herself drifting toward the world of entrepreneurship.

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In every role she’s held, one thing’s abundantly clear: Ashley knows the value of hard work. These days, she’s successfully transitioned from the corporate world to working for herself, running a style blog full-time all while also working as a full-time mom to her son, Smith. Busy? Yes. Fulfilling? Absolutely. Here’s her story:

“Funnily enough, I wanted to work at E! and be a host from the time I was eight or so. I loved watching the red carpets and interviews with Jules Asner. So getting to work at E! for seven years as a reporter and producer was awesome.

These days, I am living out my dream of being on-camera as a style expert! I’m a full-time lifestyle blogger that writes about personal style, fashion trends, beauty tips and tricks, home décor, and family and I share fashion trends and advice on channels like KTLA and I also do a little personal styling to stay sharp!

On Paying Her Dues—And Seeing It Pay Off   

I think a lot of my jobs, even in high school, helped me prepare for my job now. I worked at a lot of fashion boutiques and also my aunt’s hair salon and a dermatologist’s office, where I got to learn everything about skin. In college, I was the concierge at a high-end salon and spa and loved it. When I graduated, I started at E! as an assistant and kept working my way up to reporter, where I got to interview celebs on the carpets. The last two and a half years [at E!], I was the Fashion & Lifestyle Producer. In that position, I got a ton of experience in the fashion and beauty world and made amazing contacts and built up my network. From there I was able to start my own thing with such amazing people supporting me in my industry!

On Being A Full-Time Entrepreneur And A Full-Time Mom (And You Know, Human)

I don’t think anything could have prepared me to understand what working motherhood would be like. Juggling it all is really hard, but doable. I thought I would be able to balance it and it would just all work out, but then when I had Smith, I realized I couldn’t get any work done at all when he is around—I am lucky if I can answer one email—so I knew I had to get some help. Now I have a part-time nanny, and my mom is also really helpful when my schedule gets too hectic and shoots run late.

Thank goodness being my own boss does allow for a lot of flexibility, but that means a lot of working nights until 10:30 and just cramming as much into 18 hours a week when I have my nanny. Some days I get excited and feel like I can do it all, and other days it’s a real struggle and I feel overwhelmed.

My advice to new working mamas is to go easy on yourself and just remember you are only one person. Also, try to really separate work from baby time. If you set aside certain hours for work, you can fully be present when you are with your baby and enjoy your time more!

On Providing Fashion and Life Inspo 

Ultimately, I just want to connect with other like-minded women and equip them with the same fashion and beauty knowledge that I have. Beauty and fashion make you feel more confident and that’s what I love about it!”

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Give us the play-by-play of everything you do to get ready for work before you leave the house. What’s your morning routine?

My mornings start with hearing Smith wake up between 7am and 7:30am. I say three things that I am grateful for before opening my eyes, and then I glance at my emails to make sure there are no fires to put out.

Then I head in to get Smith from bed! He is always so happy to see me, and it always puts a smile on my face! I get him milk and head to the couch for a little “wake-up” time while watching cartoons. I try to answer a few emails and then head into the kitchen to start making breakfast. It’s usually scrambled eggs with hot sauce, a half of a piece of toast, and Starbucks iced coffees—thank goodness for coffee!

Then I get Smith dressed and myself dressed. I also do a little skincare routine. I first use a cleansing wipe to get off any grime from sleeping and then apply my favorite Kate Somerville Anti-Aging Serum, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and Kate Daily Deflector Daily Lotion with SPF 30. I also apply a little Sonya Dakar oil to give me a glow (and if it’s been a late night, then I add Kate Somerville De-puffing Goat Milk Eye Balm for puffy eyes). I also brush my teeth [and] put on deodorant and my favorite Kayo body lotion. I then put on some workout clothes (hopefully headed to Pilates in a bit) and then go play with Smith until 10am when the nanny arrives!

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Q: The single piece of advice you’d give your younger self if you could?

A: Keep chasing your big dreams, and don’t listen to the naysayers.

Q: What is one of your greatest personal success stories?

A: Going to New York Fashion Week, interviewing celebs and designers, being dressed by designers and sitting front row!

Q: What about one of your mistakes/missteps that you made in your career? (We know they’re hard to talk about.)

A: I think my biggest mistake was that in the beginning of my blog, I focused too much on making my blog a business and should have instead focused on my readers and connecting with them. I also wish I would have started my blog sooner!

Q: As a blogger you work from home and on the run and you’re often going from meetings to drinks—what are some staples in your closet?

A: A great black and white blazer is key, high-waist crop jeans give a tailored but effortless vibe, a great pair of ankle strap heels and really nice handbag. I also love white blouses—you can never have too many!

Q: The one person you’d like to have dinner with, alive or dead?

A: Oprah!

Q: Best advice for promoting yourself/your blog?

A: Take yourself out of the equation and really think about the purpose of the post or blog you are promoting, and get that message out there. How can you best serve your readers?

Q: What makes you nervous?

A: Failing and not doing well. I like to be good at everything I do and I try really hard.

Q: Favorite “treat yourself” routine/splurge?

A: Ha, this is bad but these days my only splurge is Sugarfish!

Q: What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?

A: My Chanel Reissue Flap Handbag.

Q: Biggest professional pet peeve?

A: Not responding to emails in a timely manner.

Q: The app on your phone you can’t do without?

A: Waze.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

A: I hope to have my own TV show.

Photos by Jess Isaac


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