sonnet james sweater dress

I love a good sweater dress, but haven’t found one for years that I loved until now!

cream midi sweater dress

yellow leather monogram bag

black sock boots

red neck scarf

clear small sunglasses

cozy long sweater dress

My lifestyle is sort of crazy, sometimes I’m in workout clothes all day, sometimes in super dressy clothes for a TV segment or events, but I love having amazing pieces I can mix and match with everything else in my closet and it usually needs to be chic and comfortable. This new Sonnet James sweater dress hits it out of the park for me and the best part is, it’s flattering and comfortable. I can easily picture myself wearing this with sandals on a beach to dinner in Hawaii or around the house taking care of Smith or dressed up with booties and a cute jacket for meetings like I did here. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this look by adding the neck scarf! I am usually a little timid when it comes to adding too much to any look because I am consider my style to be minimal, but it’s always good to try new trends and take risks with fashion. If the dark red lip and red scarf are too much for you, just try one or the other. I also added more color with my new yellow crossbody leather bag that I am obsessed with. Leatherology is so affordable and they hand painted on the monogram for me in house, which is so incredible – they can for you too!

Are you back in the swing of things this week? I am, finally! Last week I was doing a lot of admin work for my site and business and honestly wasn’t super motivated, but now I am ready to start this year off in a major way. I am not doing any resolutions this year, because let’s face it, who really sticks to those, but instead I am making it a point to check in with myself more and working on more timely goals and things that I want to focus my energy on. In one of the episodes of my favorite podcast, Boss Files with Poppy Harlow, the CEO of Focus Brands talked about checking in with herself every month or quarter and figuring out what she wanted to do better and what another CEO would come in to do if she was replaced. I thought that was so smart and something I will do as well. There is no real balance in my life right now as a mom and business owner – it’s more of a juggling act and a lot of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I am trying to be more disciplined this year and only do things that really serve me in my personal life and business and ditch the rest. It’s so easy to try and do it all, but what’s the point if it doesn’t mean anything or help you in your path.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I have been looking for that “what’s next” for a while. I know it’s in the cards for me to progress, and I am trying to figure out what I want to tackle next and where can I best serve and where would I be happiest. I love the blog, but I feel like it’s not the end game. It’s a great platform to connect with you and be creative and share my passion for fashion and beauty, but then there is also Instagram. Are you on Instagram more than you check blogs these days? I would say the numbers reflect that in a major way, so I am trying to see what that looks like for me. I know it definitely means more focus on my true passion, video and TV (let’s put it out there in the universe that I will land my own digital or TV show one day) and possibly some sort of other creative endeavors. Whether that be a clothing or beauty line or a book – not sure!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the blog and Instagram! Are you guys major fans of Insta? I am not the biggest fan of Instagram because so many people buy followers and likes and the algorithm has changed everything, but I digress. It’s still a great platform to connect with like-minded women, which is why I am there! I would also love to know what you want to see more of, in terms of content, in 2018 and what you would come to the blog for vs just seeing stuff on Insta and Facebook.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and for any feedback you can give me – whether through an email, DM, or comment below, I would greatly appreciate it! Happy New Year loves!!

Sonnet James Sweater Dress // Stuart Weitzman Sock Boots (More Black Sock Boots HERE) // Cotton On Denim Jacket // Leatherology Camera Bag (under $200 and you can get it hand painted!) // State Optical Co Elston Sunglasses (very similar HERE) // Hourglass Lipstick, At Night // Symbology Neck Scarf (similar HERE)

Photos by Klose Up Photography






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