At over five months into my pregnancy I have obviously acquired quite a few things that I love and never knew I needed before I was pregnant.  I guess I thought I wouldn’t need much until the baby arrived, but the truth is you want to be as comfortable as possible while you are expecting.  From ditching heels for flats (my feet are already swelling when I wear heels or walk a lot), to a body pillow and the much needed maternity workout pants and bottoms, I have rounded up my must-haves.  I also included this super great essentials kits from Tart, which is so awesome and the Belly Buds to play music or a message for your baby-to-be.  Oh and how can I forget, my favorite pregnancy body oil to try and help me refrain from getting stretch marks (I love the smell and texture of this one and it’s organic).  Let me know what your favorite maternity product is or was and if you have a question about what to buy, definitely leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!  Thanks for stopping by and make sure you shop my picks below!

Belly Buds Baby Sound System // Snoogle Total Body Pillow // Shiffa Pregnancy Body Oil // Topshop Leather Kingdom Pointed Toe Flats //

Target Nightgown // Tart Collection Maternity Essentials Starter Kit // Honeydew Lace Bralette // AG Jean Legging Ankle Maternity Jeans //

Forever 21 Linen Drawstring Shorts // Old Navy Maternity Compression Crops

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