I love hosting little cocktail parties, especially when the holidays roll around because we have festive decor in our home and people are in a cheerful mood!  There is nothing like a little bonding time to bring all of your nearest and dearest friends together to celebrate with some light bites and nice drinks!  Keep reading to see what I prepared for my party and other great recipes!

Whether you are a fan of  eggnog, you stick to champagne or need a little wine spritzer, there are lots of amazing and easy cocktail concoctions you can whip up for your guests.  Everyone loves a signature drink!  Tonight I am having a few friends over and with the help of Evite’s great holiday cocktail list, I got very inspired and decided to of course do eggnog and  Chambord Sparkling Champagne Cocktail – recipe below!  But do check out all of their other great recipes like their amazing Fireball Cinnamon Cider, Festive Vodka Jello Shots and S’mores Cocoa!  All of these great ingredients are available and easily accessible at BevMo!


Makes 1 Drink



  • Pour gin, champagne, and then Chambord into a champagne flute. Garnish with a fresh raspberry.

P.S. Wondering what kind of champagne to buy for all of your holiday and NYE celebrations?  Head to Evite for their Champagne Guide with lots of goodies from Bevmo!

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