Who knew that what you eat and drink can affect your milk supply? Before I was pregnant I thought that breastfeeding was just a thing that happens, but as I have gotten further along into the pregnancy, I have learned it is not as easy or as guaranteed as you might think.  I actually am really scared of all of the problems I have heard arise when moms try to breastfeed, including not making enough milk.  Luckily, I have friends like Eva (from the blog giving me lots of helpful advice.  In this new video I did for she shares her trick to drinking more water, which I now know you need a ton of when you are breastfeeding, and her go-to healthy and easy snack that actually promotes lactation.  So cool!  Let me know what you think of the video below in the comments and if you have any good tips for how to handle life after having a baby!  Also, let me know if you have any burning questions for Eva or I – and make sure to check out her awesome blog linked above!  Thanks so much for watching AND please share this with any moms-to-be or new moms in your life!  I hope you guys have a great Halloween weekend!

P.S. If you are craving a Halloween post, check out my Elsa makeup tutorial from last year HERE!

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  • Great tips! Water and healthy snacks are so important. Another thing is try to relax. It’s so easy to get stressed and with crazy hormones, it happens. My milk took a few days to really come in. I wish I would have known to relax (and drink more water!).