If you are a beauty junkie like me, you probably have lipsticks all over your bathroom, your car and in your handbags, not to mention drawers and cabinets full of skin, hair and nail products all thrown together that you have accumulated through the years. I am on a mission to be more organized in 2018 and found the best beauty organizers to help me actually be able to see what products I have and easily access them! These are great for makeup, jewelry, skincare and those pesky nail polishes that are hard to store! See below for DIY idea on how to reuse your pretty candles as beauty holders as well!

diptyque gritty pretty

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Plus, I am not a big DIY person, mostly because I don’t have time, but recently I finished my favorite Diptyque Candle and was not about to let that expensive candle to go in the trash. I love when I see other girls using the glass candle holder to hold their makeup brushes and other goodies in their bathroom, so I got all of the wax out and am now displaying it in my bathroom too while it holds all of my makeup brushes! Click HERE for easy DIY on how to get the wax out and clean out the Diptyque Candle!



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